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10 Sustainability Startups in Pakistan

Jehan | Sep 05 2022
10 Sustainability Startups in Pakistan

The recent floods in Pakistan have started conversations on climate change and sustainability, and rightfully so!

Flash floods, melting glaciers, and heat waves are just a few examples of climate change-related disasters that are wreaking havoc upon the country. Hence, we’re seeing the country face deep social, political, and economic ramifications.

Not to mention, Pakistan is amongst the top 10 most vulnerable countries, based on the Climate Risk Index. This highlights the dire need for sustainability startups in Pakistan.

More than 1,100 lives have been lost due to heavy monsoon flooding alone this year, with approximately 33 million individuals affected and billions worth of damage wrought. Subsequent relief efforts are underway, yet, there are serious gaps in the startup ecosystem when it comes to mitigating the risks of climate change.

10 Sustainably-Minded Startups in Pakistan

Without further ado, here are 10 businesses that are stepping in to fill the gap and changing Pakistan’s sustainability landscape, one carbon footprint at a time:

1. ModulusTech

ModulusTech effectively tackles the enormous need for adequate and affordable housing. Their goal is to provide housing to all with a one-stop, flat-packed, portable house.

Tackling the climate crisis head-on, ModulusTech promotes environmental impact by offering housing with net zero-energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions. While also creating social impact by addressing the global housing crisis – ModulusTech has all its bases covered!

2. Trashit

In an attempt to promote conscious consumerism, a group of young eco-minded entrepreneurs came together to embody the change they thought Pakistani society needed. Thus, TrashIt was born.

TrashIt pushes for sustainability in Pakistan through recycling and composting. It also encourages individuals to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle through a line of green products.

They also In addition to this, they reuse kitchen waste and paper scraps to make organic compost which they process in their in-house facility. Thus, their Trash on Wheelz waste collection initiative is a pledge to encourage a circular economy which tackles resource use, consumption and waste.

3. Code Green PK

An eco-friendly eCommerce platform, Code Green offers a one-stop solution for greener alternatives to single-use plastic products. With a focus on reusability and sustainable living, Code Green currently has a range of 40+ zero-waste products.

These include biodegradable cutlery, toothbrushes, dishes, organic soaps and shampoo bars, and cloth napkins, diapers and menstrual pads.

4. EcoPak

Catering to a wide range of clients which consists of 50+ restaurants and over 800 home chefs across the country, EcoPak is Pakistan’s first sustainable packaging company.

Their goal is to replace plastic utensils that are not only bad for the environment but also leech chemicals, with food-grade, biodegradable products. EcoPak boasts an impressive line of bamboo tableware, paper straws, Birchwood cutlery and Kraft boxes amongst others.

5. Aabshar

A cleantech startup that tackles water scarcity, Aabshar has created an optimizing nozzle that reduces up to 98% of water wastage. The nozzle is easy to attach and also saves electricity consumption by 60%, working to reduce CO2 emissions over time.

Aabshar was also one of the selected startups that graduated as part of Katalyst Labs’ first Acceleration Program. Read more about them here.

6. MyWater

MyWater uses cutting-edge technology to provide mineral drinking water. Their purifiers can treat contaminants by using NSF® certified reverse osmosis (RO) membranes and UV radiation for filtration.

Moreover, their devices are eco-friendly, as they help eliminate plastic waste for a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable drinking water solution.

7. EcoEnergy

EcoEnergy is a pay-as-you-go solar company distributing electricity to off-grid rural areas across Pakistan. Quite usefully, EcoEnergy services are available in monthly installments since they are particularly addressing the growing energy deficit by providing affordable solar technology to all.

8. Jaan Pakistan

Jaan Pakistan is a social startup, researching and producing affordable energy solutions for low-income communities. Their flagship product is the solar thermal cooker which attempts to reduce dependency on solid fuels for domestic purposes.

With this in mind, Jaan Pakistan aims to promote environmental sustainability, improving indoor air pollution and utilizing energy efficiently.

9. Breathe IO

Pakistan is ranks third on the list of countries with the worst air quality, globally. Specifically accounting for the increased intensity of smog and the health hazards caused by air pollution in Pakistan, Breathe IO is an IOT portable air monitor and purifier. The purifier works to improve air quality and automatically synchronizes itself to clean air based on the data it receives from its surroundings.

What’s more, the health-tech was also part of Cohort 2 of our Acceleration Program, read about it here.

10. Smart Water Tank

Smart Water Tank is an IoTSoL initiative that allows users to regulate their water supply through remote management and pre-scheduling. With their intention being to prioritize energy saving and promote sustainable water usage.