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Going Luclear

Jehan | Mar 22 2024
Going Luclear

Less than a decade from now (almost) superpowers, Russia and China, are considering building a nuclear power plant on the moon with the help of robots. Talk about taking the phrase “shoot for the stars” to another level!

The moon would get a whole lot more electrified, like literally. Why on the moon would they want to do that? Well, for one, space exploration is always at the forefront of any technological development, while finding cleaner sources of energy is another factor to go nuclear!

But wait, there’s more! With a nuclear power plant nestled on the lunar surface, we’re not just talking about powering Earth – we’re talking about laying the groundwork for human colonization of the moon! Head of Russia’s space agency, Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov said that this advancement could allow for future settlements on the moon. Think moon bases, lunar colonies – maybe even moon vacations! Who needs a tropical beach when you can have low-gravity fun and games on the Sea of Tranquility? Puts the moon in honeymoon for sure!

Of course, building a nuclear power plant on the moon isn’t all sunshine and moonbeams. There are challenges to overcome – technical hurdles, logistical nightmares, and let’s not forget the issue of space radiation. But if anyone can turn a seemingly impossible dream into reality, it’s these daring folks at Roscosmos and CNSA!

There is a whole galaxy of possibilities through China and Russia’s collaboration out there! The future sure looks moon-brighter!

We will stop with the moon puns now! But do keep an eye out for developments on this topic!