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Announcing Cohort Four of Our Acceleration Program!

Jehan | Jul 05 2023
Announcing Cohort Four of Our Acceleration Program!

Cohort 4 Takes Flight: Introducing the 12 Trailblazing Startups of Katalyst Labs’ Acceleration Program

Embarking on a journey of growth and innovation, Katalyst Labs’ Acceleration Program continues to shape the future of startups. With three successful cohorts under our belt, we proudly unveil the next wave of entrepreneurial brilliance.

Introducing Cohort 4, a dynamic group of startups spanning diverse industries! Get ready to witness the unfolding of groundbreaking ideas and disruptive solutions as these exceptional startups set out to conquer new frontiers.

1. Akountmate

Are you looking to hire a virtual manager for all your accountancy needs? Akountmate has you covered!

With Akountmate you can hire an on-demand professional to manage your financial and legal tasks on the go through a simple subscription plan. Akountmate’s vision is to provide a platform for Pakistan’s accounting professionals, connecting them to the international market and thereby creating local opportunities.


Rida Akhlaq

Rida is a CA finalist and a true visionary! As the Founder & CEO of Pakistan’s first on-demand accountancy platform, she hopes to create a pipeline for Pakistan’s accountants by connecting them to overseas clients.

2. Asaan Retail

Asaan Retail is a SaaS-based omnichannel management tool that centralises and synchronizes inventory, orders, shipments, and accounting for online and offline retailers. Combined with a data-savvy dashboard and advanced analytics, Asaan Retail is a holistic solution for retailers to manage and run their businesses efficiently via robustly built and well-integrated functionalities.


Saqlain Raza

Saqlain is an ambitious and driven entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and technology. With a strong background in the Retail & E-commerce industry, he is poised to significantly impact Katalyst Labs’ Acceleration Program, bringing fresh perspectives and a relentless drive to turn ideas into successful ventures.

Saif Ali Tharani

Saif holds a BS in Computer Science from LUMS and has worked at Techlogix as a Software Developer for two years. Saif also has additional experience as a Digital Banking Technical Consultant, wherein he implemented Oracle’s Digital Banking Solution at Meezan Bank and Bank Al Habib.

With Asaan Retail, Saif hopes to revolutionise traditional business practices, allowing sellers to cut the time spent on repetitive, manual tasks and focus instead on growing and scaling their business.

3. BEAM Systems

Looking for a comprehensive Society Management System that can streamline your operations and improve the living experience for your residents? Introducing BEAM! With features such as Water Management, Maintenance Management, Visitor Management, Complaint Management, and more, BEAM is designed to help you take your residential society to the next level.


Mirza Ammad Baig 

Mirza Ammad Baig is a graduate of Kingston University London. Ammad’s dedication to innovation and empowering residential societies has positioned BEAM Systems as a disruptive solution transforming how communities function. Ammad’s imaginative leadership is influencing the future of society management, improving residents’ living experiences, and enabling efficient administration for community leaders.

Muhammad Hassan Shafique 

With software engineering expertise, Hassan led BEAM’s development in 2022. Hassan’s commitment to innovation and empowering residential societies has positioned BEAM Systems as a transformative solution, revolutionizing how communities operate. Through his visionary leadership, Hassan is shaping the future of society management, enhancing the living experience for residents and enabling efficient administration for community leaders!

Daniyal Khan 

Daniyal is a Full-Stack Developer with 5+ years of experience in development and architectural software design. He holds a diploma from Aptech and an undergraduate degree in Software Engineering from the University of Karachi.

Bilal Faheem 

Bilal is a professional software developer who is passionate about coding and transforming innovative ideas into reality. Bilal strives to create seamless and intuitive user experiences that aim to improve existing features as well as introduce newer forms of innovation!

Khalid Munir

Khalid Munir is a graduate of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology and is a seasoned professional with over ten years of experience in resource management. Communication is one of Khalid’s strengths, both written and verbal, and he excels at building and nurturing professional relationships with colleagues. Khalid is also known for his exceptional problem-solving and decision-making abilities and an unwavering dedication to achieving exceptional results.

4. Bigger Brick

Imagine a world where plastic waste is no longer a burden but a catalyst for change. Bigger Brick is making this vision a reality by introducing the first-ever construction-grade building material made entirely from recycled plastic waste. These eco-friendly building blocks are interlocking, inspired by LEGO, and can be assembled to construct retaining walls, sheds, privacy fencing, accent walls, landscaping features, offices, labs, and furniture. By recycling plastic waste into eco-friendly and energy-efficient building blocks, Bigger Brick contributes to a more sustainable approach to construction!


Muhammad Raza Khemji 

Muhammad Raza is an environmentalist and entrepreneur who started his venture, Bigger Brick to create a value chain to eliminate plastic-waste leakage and increase plastic circularity.

5. Dollat

Dollat, aims to digitize South Asia with its own take on a freelance marketplace! Global giants such as Fiverr and Upwork follow traditional service-to-service methods, creating market saturation, racial bias, strict payment methods, and a low freelancer-to-job ratio. Dollat challenges this by providing a more tailored and inclusive service for both clients and freelancers, enabling the youth, women and unemployed men of South Asia to earn remote money online.

Dollat offers South Asian freelancers a 72-hour gig, dollar-earning integrated with local payment gateways, and a first-time user experience of Cash-On-Delivery for freelancers in major cities in Pakistan. With thousands of active users rapidly growing and a community of 50,000+ registered users, they are all set to make a global impact!


Kumail W. Jaffri

At the young age of 21, not only is Kumail the CEO of Dollat, but he also boasts 4+ years of marketing experience in B2C and B2B corporations. Kumail has facilitated 50+ successful MOUs and describes himself as a high-end performer who enjoys implementing operational excellence through specialized growth.

Javeria Faraz 

Despite being only 20 years old, as COO of Dollat, Javeria strives to bring excellence and quality to the corporation through quantitative results. She also has expertise in HR & Marketing and goal-orienting experience, with 50+ international clients under her belt!

Raahim Riaz 

Raahim is the CFO at Dollat and has 2+ years of financial literacy experience within the startup ecosystem. Raahim also has experience in financial modelling and management for corporates, all at the young age of 20!

6. Eatalia Pizzeria

A passion project started during COVID that soon turned into a full-fledged restaurant! The idea behind Eatalia Pizzeria was to offer customers a taste of authentic, Neopolitan-style wood-fired pizzas in Karachi.


Fahad Alamgir

Fahad, the visionary founder of Eatalia Pizzeria, embarked on an inspiring journey during the challenging times of COVID. Fuelled by a deep passion for culinary artistry and a desire to bring a slice of Italy to Karachi, Fahad transformed his dream into a bustling reality. Eatalia Pizzeria emerged as a vibrant, full-fledged restaurant, capturing the essence of Neapolitan tradition with every wood-fired creation.

7. Haasil

Haasil is building a digital B2B Procurement marketplace for Pakistan and the MENA Region. The platform aims to solve problems of inefficiency, theft, and manual processes that currently plague the traditional analogue delivery system. Haasil believes that a simplified and digitized delivery process will allow businesses to save valuable time, money, and resources by providing a one-stop shop for all procurement needs.


Yasin Kodvavi 

A business professional with a degree from the University of Houston, Yasin is currently the CEO of Haasil Tech. Yasin’s prior work experience includes working as an analyst at Shell. He is also currently serving as a Director at Iqbal Usman Kodvavi Securities (Private) Limited.

M. Umer Abid

Umer is an experienced Ops professional with prior work experience in multiple supply chain industries. He completed his BBA from Greenwich University, with a focus on Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management.

Hadi Tabani 

Hadi is a tech professional and Director at Tabani Corp, leading all the group’s tech-related ventures, including VC Investment stakes in Sarmayacar and leading Liquid Technologies as CEO. He holds Computer Science and Mathematical Economics Degrees from Rice University and has been involved in multi-million dollar digital transformations as part of his consulting role at Accenture.

8. Raw Easy

It comes as no surprise that Pakistan’s raw material industry suffers from a lack of digitization and organization. Raw Easy, a B2B marketplace for raw materials, aims to disrupt this notion! Raw Easy is Pakistan’s first hybrid marketplace for raw and building materials. The tech-based company is trying to change how construction companies, SMEs and industries procure material for their projects, seeing Pakistan’s $50bn raw material industry’s vast potential.


Ahmed Furqan

Ahmed boasts over three decades of experience in the raw material sector as a leading distributor and importer of Flat Steel in Pakistan. Coming from a family deeply rooted in the business, Ahmed envisioned taking the industry to new heights. Armed with an MBA from KBSL and a BBA from IBA, Ahmed’s educational background has equipped him with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the business landscape.

Believing in the potential of technology to disrupt the raw material sector, Ahmed set out to revolutionize the industry. His groundbreaking model, the first of its kind in Pakistan, successfully combines technology and innovation!

9. RetailPAY

An Aggregator Application of financial products providing Islamic micro-loans and products to the retail segment in Pakistan! RetailPAY aims to transform the retail ecosystem by minimizing short-term cash flow gaps for small and medium-sized retailers and MSMEs with ready access to asset-backed loans. It also offers product and asset financing connecting financial institutions to the financially-excluded retail segment.


Bilal Riaz

As CEO of RetailPAY, Bilal brings a wealth of experience as a former chief executive of distribution houses such as Coca-Cola and Fauji Foods. With a master’s degree from the University of Nottingham, Bilal is an exuberant individual who specializes in relationship building and the nexus between technology and operations.

Hassan Raza Sheikh

Hassan is the Chief Product Officer at RetailPAY and has previously worked in finance operations in North America. He is a Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) graduate with a master’s degree from the Schulich School of Business, York University. Hassan is passionate about entrepreneurship and developing financial inclusion in Pakistan.

10. STEAM Minds

An Ed-tech that creates immersive STEAM education using virtual and augmented reality, STEAM Minds aims to engage K-12 learners and develop their problem-solving skills. The learning platforms include Web and mobile applications that have interactive simulations and gamified learning material. STEAM Minds has designed the STEAM curriculum in coherence with the future requirements of the digital world in collaboration with their VR-enabled virtual labs, overcoming the limitations of highly-priced traditional learning.


Mehtab Anwar Khalid

Mehtab holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science. With a passion for empowering students through innovative STEM education, Mehtab is dedicated to creating engaging learning experiences.

Ibrahim Anwar Khalid

Ibrahim possesses extensive experience as a successful marketing professional. With a demonstrated history of excelling in strategic marketing and brand management, he has led impactful campaigns that effectively promote STEM education and cultivate a passion for learning. Ibrahim’s expertise lies in connecting with diverse audiences and harnessing the power of digital platforms, ultimately driving significant growth and success for the organization.

Abdullah Anwar Khalid 

In addition to his Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering, Abdullah brings with him experience in building a strong foundation for STEM education. He is passionate about driving innovation and inspiring the next generation of technology leaders to excel.

Dr Akhtar Hussain 

Dr Akhtar Hussain holds a PhD degree and has extensive experience in financial-related matters within wide-ranging roles. He is enthusiastic about helping create new experiences and broadening learning horizons.

11. Tripper Tech

With a commitment to enhancing urban transportation, Tripper offers a tech-enabled mass transit solution that enables efficient and cost-effective city travel. The goal is to make mass transit accessible to all, reducing dependence on personal vehicles and improving overall efficiency.

Users can easily request rides, pay fares, and track vehicles in real time by utilising the Tripper app. Tripper envisions a future where traffic congestion and pollution are minimized, creating more livable cities. With convenience and affordability as its pillars, Tripper paves the way for a sustainable and convenient transportation experience, shaping the future of urban mobility.


Abdullah Khokhar

Abdullah holds a degree in Supply Chain Management and has experience working as a Supply and Ops Manager at companies such as Airlift and Dastagyr. In 2022, he launched Tripper, aiming to revolutionize public transportation through their mobile app and fixed-route bus services, offering a convenient and affordable alternative in Pakistan and emerging markets.

Saad Sheikh

As the CTO of Tripper, Saad has prior experience working to redefine logistics through transit and delivery solutions. He was the core engineer involved in building Airlift’s scalable Android App, taking it from zero to a million users.

Before Airlift, Saad worked on many large-scale local apps such as PTV Sports, Jazz, Zong, Ary MIP (Made in Pakistan), Ufone, and apps for the UAE market.

12. Womenza

Recognizing the untapped potential of women, Womenza Pakistan is a pioneering startup empowering women entrepreneurs through its vibrant Facebook community of over 41,000 members. By creating a supportive ecosystem for collaboration and learning, Womenza is revolutionizing the landscape for women entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Womenza Pakistan provides a range of resources and training programs to equip women with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their business ventures.


Aiman Sami Khan

Aiman S. Khan, the visionary founder and owner of Womenza Pakistan, is a marketing expert with over ten years of corporate experience. With a strong educational background, Aiman holds an MBA in Marketing and has served as a former lecturer at PAFKIET.

Driven by her passion to uplift and empower women, Aiman established Womenza Pakistan as a leading entrepreneur community dedicated to supporting women in their business ventures. Her belief in the power of providing practical training and useful resources led her to create a platform that offers online workshops, marketing strategies training, access to finance, and a strong network of like-minded individuals.

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