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Become a Tech TikToker

Jehan | Sep 20 2022
Become a Tech TikToker

Becoming a tech TikToker can be tricky. Pakistani TikTokers have found the platform to be just what they were looking for: easy-to-use, easy-to-scroll, and globally relevant.

However, becoming a TikToker in Pakistan usually offers limited possibilities: review food, review fashion, do lifestyle commentaries, and that’s about it.

Having said that, there aren’t a lot of Pakistani Tiktokers discussing blockchain, crypto, technology, and software.

Keep reading as we dive into the key elements to keep in mind, inspirations, ideas, and how you can make money through TikTok!

10 Tech Ideas for TikToks

Tech is a very broad term; the genre includes the potential to make content on NFTs, setting up E-Commerce stores, buying domains, and even fixing devices.

If those weren’t good enough ideas, here are 10 video ideas to give you some sort of an inkling of how to begin:

  1. Set up your NFT gallery
  2. The quirks of working from home
  3. Chronicling the brief history of tech companies (Amazon, Meta, IBM)
  4. What technologies are needed to make a AAA game
  5. How to buy cryptocurrency
  6. Using Bubble IO to make apps
  7. Explaining smart contracts
  8. What is the technology spend for a new small-scale company?
  9. How to get your team started on Asana/Trello/Slack
  10. Coding for Kids

Align Your Personality and Goals

So now that you have some idea of what you want to talk about, try to create a discernable identity and purpose. This will give you the motivation to create content while giving you the clarity to speak about new ideas!

Here is what you should do:

Decide on a Style

The way you speak, your video background, what you wear, and how much you say, all these things will develop your style.

A TikTok Recording SetupConsider this:

  • Will you need a green screen?
  • Will you write your script beforehand or just wing it?
  • Will you physically go to locations when filming about them?
  • Will you follow a one-person monologue style?
  • Will you edit or just go with the flow?

Once you’ve decided how you want to be seen and heard, you can move towards curating the equipment you need.

Creating New Revenue Streams Through TikTok

When you start creating content, you will find several ways avenues to pull money. These include a host of collaborative efforts alongside endorsements and other streams.

For instance, by garnering a big enough audience, you may be in line to receive collaboration requests. Hence, placing a product in your video, featuring it, unboxing it, or even endorsing another service, will rake in a hefty amount per video.

Another way to monetize your TikTok efforts is to start a Patreon. This will allow you to open up a subscription-based exclusive content stream for viewers who pay.

Shout about your brand: create merchandise and begin offering more paywall content. This will give your audience an option to interact with your presence as much as they want.

4 Tech TikTokers to Follow

There is nothing better than a practical example to talk you through how you should be seen on-screen. Here are 4 Tiktokers you can follow to understand what it should look like when you’ve got everything in order:

1. Bilal Munir

Video Wali SarkarTech TikTokers in Pakistan are few and far between. One of the standout examples includes Video Wali Sarkar, AKA Bilal Munir, a phone-review specialist and policy commentator.

2. Logical Finance

Logical FinanceFrom talking about the intricacies of Glassdoor to discussing the tech bust, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and a whole lot more, Dutin Thomason, AKA LogicalFinance, is a cool channel to follow!

3. Code With Ahsan

Code With AhsanIf you’re a developer, especially one who is just starting out, you must follow this page. It will give you insights into CSS, Github, Javascript, and the latest in the world of coding and technology. CodeWithAhsan is also a fun and infectious character to follow!

4. Anjali Tewani

Anjali TewaniAnjali creates fun content on day-to-day problems as a professional software engineer.

With tech content creators, alongside their primary area of focus, they also tend to create fun content around their tech setups, gaming setups, and equipment. These are high-value content ideas!

Get TikToking!

We hope you now have enough information regarding how you can start your TikTok career in technology. Now all you have to do is get yourself a camera, a green screen, a mic, and you’re good to go!

This list was co-authored by and curated with inspiration taken from Muhammad Mubashir. Also, read our piece curating 10 design tools for founders, here.