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Hiring in Pakistan: Tips & Tricks

Jehan | Sep 21 2022
Hiring in Pakistan: Tips & Tricks

When it comes to hiring in Pakistan, there is no shortage of fresh and capable talent. According to a Gallup report, nearly 4 in 5 Pakistanis consider work to be an important part of their life.

However, sifting through stacks of CVs can get exhausting. And once you’ve found the perfect employee there’s no guarantee they’ll stick around.

So, how do you find the right fit for your company, fight off the competition, and make sure they stay?

Use Your Network

It is important to use your network to help identify members that may become great assets to your dream team. Having a network that is aware of fresh talent can go a long way. It also helps to know who in your network harbors the same passions as you and is working towards the same vision.

This makes the selection process much easier and enables you to find your tribe.

5 Steps to Building Your Dream Team!

Everyone talks about building a dream team but few pause to think about what it truly means. What are the ingredients that go into building a dream team? Is it about having the right kind of talent, capable founders, the perfect organizational culture, or an inspiring vision?

There is no formula that can guarantee success, but cultivating the right kind of team can certainly ensure that success is achieved.

Mannan Amin broke it down for us at +92Disrupt: ISL Edition, sharing his 5-point framework on what goes into building the ultimate dream team!

This framework can be used as a tool for both founders and employees alike. It can help people evaluate job offers and CEOs to convince employees who may be deciding between multiple options.

1. Have a Clear Vision and History

The first essential ingredient when it comes to building a dream team is to have a clear vision in mind.

It is important for both potential employees and CEOs alike to have clarity in terms of the history and goals of the organization. For potential employees, this means familiarizing themselves with the founders of the company as well as the mentors and stakeholders.

For CEOs, alignment between the vision and history of the organization helps identify specific roles needed to fulfil that vision.

Moreover, a strong vision also creates a greater connection between the work and the company itself. It gives employees a grasp of the business’s ethos, its role within the community, and the people who built it.

2. Boost Employee Engagement

To enjoy the work one does is integral. To be able to find employees that are the right fit for your company, and vice versa it is important that they are passionate about the work they do. This also helps retain employee engagement, giving them a sense of purpose in their work.

Based on the numbers, employee engagement within the South Asia region needs a massive boost. Tying in with the first point in the framework, when employees have a clear purpose and a vision in mind regarding what the organization is trying to achieve they are able to connect better with the work.

To quote the late Steve Jobs,

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

In a dream team, it is necessary that each member of the team derives passion and purpose from the work they are doing.

3. Foster Growth & Learning

Learning is essential for career growth. For leaders, it is important to provide employees with opportunities and resources that will boost their learning. Integrating learning and development into the workplace by improving employee skills can also decrease employee turnover rates.

Mannan Amin emphasized upon how there is no market value growth without learning, crediting it to be even more important than compensation. According to a report by Gallup, 87% of millennials indicated that career growth development and learning prospects are important to them in a job.

Creating a culture of learning within the workplace can go far when it comes to retaining and developing the skillset needed to cultivate your dream team.

4. Offer Fair Compensation

With the current global recession, hiring in Pakistan has become a challenge, with many talented individuals settling for less than what they are worth. Mannan Amin proposed the idea of an average market compensation. This can guide fresh graduates who may be unsure as to what base salary to expect.

The average market compensation is calculated by taking an average of the base salary of one’s peers.

For team builders it is essential to not trick potential employees during their initial interviews into thinking anything outside of this range is the norm. One should keep in mind that they are team builders rather than one-time negotiators.

5. Create Healthy Work Culture

Creating an organizational culture can be defined, according to Gallup very simply as – how things are done within a workplace. This can work as a sort of “invisible hand that guides and shapes an organization”.

Work culture can make or break your dream team. With toxic work culture being 10 times more likely to contribute to attrition than compensation.

According to a 2022 Linkedin Workplace Learning report the top 5 drivers of great work culture are:

  • Opportunities to learn and grow
  • Belonging
  • Organizational values
  • Support for well-being
  • Collaboration

Another way in which culture is beneficial is in creating alignment with the vision of the organization thereby providing direction and guidance.

Burnout and exploitative work culture are common in professional environments in Pakistan. You can read more about Mannan Amin’s views on toxic work culture and how to navigate it here.

Why Does this Work?

This framework gives potential employees a structure when evaluating what your company has to offer them. Not only does it help candidates think through which company to join (and why yours is the ideal fit for them), but it can also help you gain greater clarity in terms of your own goals for your business. Making hiring a piece of cake!

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