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Indus Valley Capital is Bringing Slush’D Home

Jehan | Aug 22 2023
Indus Valley Capital is Bringing Slush’D Home

Helsinki’s premier startup movement, Slush, has been all over the world in iterations known as Slush’D and it has finally made its way to Pakistan.

Karachi Slush’D is backed by Indus Valley Capital, an early-stage VC fund helping Pakistani startups sit up straight and realize their potential.

As has become the norm, the Aatif Awan-led venture capital fund has made it a habit to be at the forefront of efforts looking to bolster Pakistan’s entrepreneurship landscape.

Just in Time

The startup world has had its fair share of woes, globally. And Pakistan faces some unique socioeconomic hurdles that make it especially challenging for the country’s startup ecosystem to get back on its horse.

But when there’s inaction, the best place to start is through discourse: a motive quite familiar to both Indus Valley Capital and Katalyst Labs.

Keeping the situation in mind, Slush’D makes its Pakistani debut at the best possible time!

Slush is known to believe in the founder’s struggle. In 2022, Slush in Helsinki brought together 4,600 founders, 2,600 investors, and 12,000 attendants in a movement that gets bigger every year.

As a result, through the course of its longevity, the event has birthed countless startups, offered investment opportunities, brought potential founders together, and changed the fortunes of many in the entrepreneurship space!

Just this year, Slush’D will happen in Zagreb, Busan, Enschede, Dar Es Salam, Wellington, Liverpool, Nairobi, New Delhi, and of course, Karachi, among others!

A Steadfast Ally of Everything Startup in Pakistan

After +92Disrupt last year, Indus Valley Capital shows its intent to support our efforts yet again, this time, as Platinum Sponsors of the event.

Find Indus Valley Capital occupying the exhibitions space, where you can pick the brains of the team that has backed Atoms, Bazaar, COLABS, and numerous other startups in Pakistan!

The Indus Valley Capital Portfolio Companies you can Find at Karachi Slush’D

Not only will Indus Valley Capital be ever-present at the event, you can also find some of its most active Karachi-based portfolio companies at the event:

Bazaar Technologies

The Bazaar Co-Founder, Saad Jangda, will be taking the stage for Founders' School at Karachi Slush'D

The founder of Bazaar Technologies, Saad Jangda, will be taking the stage for Founders’ School, a segment designed to encapsulate invaluable lessons from founders across various verticals.


Maqsad's Co-Founder Rooshan Aziz will be taking the stage for Founder's Feud at Karachi Slush'D

The Karachi-born edtech, Maqsad, will make their second appearance at a Katalyst Labs event as Rooshan and co take on the Founder Feud, a battle of wits where they will be put against 3 other startups from the ecosystem.


COLABS has a new coworking psace in Karachi. You can find the team at Slush'D as outreach partners

COLABS was a very important part of +92Disrupt LHR Edition and has now joined hands with Katalyst Labs for Karachi Slush’D!

Meet the COLABS team at the event and hear all about their new coworking space in Karachi!

Pitch Perfect

Alongside the portfolio companies mentioned, Airlift, Farmdar, and other IVC-backed startups will be having their founders provide real-time feedback at Karachi Slush’D!

Get your tickets to Karachi Slush’D by clicking here!