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Meet the Third Cohort of Our Acceleration Program!

Jehan | Dec 14 2022
Meet the Third Cohort of Our Acceleration Program!

Good Things Come in Threes: Introducing Cohort 3 of Katalyst Labs’ Acceleration Program.

Katalyst Labs’ Acceleration Program is tailored to help startups scale up and grow. Having had two successful cohorts graduate already, we are very excited to introduce you to our next batch of startups.

The startups in cohort 3 of our Acceleration Program are a diverse bunch, spanning a range of verticals from Agritech to Edtech, AI and even hospitality!

1. Zamindar Technologies

Zamindar is a platform that connects Agri-input buyers with suppliers. It helps farmers and retailers source inputs directly from manufacturers and reduces the sale efforts of input manufacturers! 


Zubair Ayaz Asim 

Zubair is an ex-software engineer and an Agri-preneur with experience working on different cutting-edge technologies.

Ali Gulzaib

Hailing from an agricultural background, Ali has experience with ground-level issues in the Agri-sector. Moreover, he also has 3+ years of experience in setting up procurement functions and leading and managing supply teams at Mob Shopping and Air link Communication.

2., is developing Pakistan’s first-ever online food marketplace to help restaurant owners and food lovers connect digitally! 

In brief, the startup aims to help restaurant owners set up, and build their online websites in the span of 10 minutes. Hence this enables restaurants to directly manage their page via an admin dashboard and includes sales and delivery services.’s goal is to become a restaurant owner-friendly platform, helping them grow digitally and getting instant orders directly. 


Muhammad Ismail

A professional software developer, Ismail loves to code and transform ideas into reality. Moreover, he is also the CEO of Rich Technologies Pvt. Limited, which is one of the top leading software houses in Pakistan.

Furthermore, Ismail has helped many startups and SMEs with the design and development of their digital products from scratch as their CTO, CDO, and Technology Advisor.

Muhammad Asadullah

Asad has been a data scientist and analyst with an interest in project and product management. He is also the CTO at Rich Technologies Pvt. Limited. 

Further, Asad has worked with multinational companies and delivered many IT projects successfully. He believes in community building to reshape the local IT industry and accelerate the growth of local talent through mentoring and coaching students. Asad has also been a Microsoft Ambassador, AWS Community Builder, and Google Developers Lead both at national and international levels.

3.  MedExam Expert

MedExam Expert is an online Edtech platform, providing postgraduate doctors with medical education. 

Significantly, the startup helps doctors all over the world prepare for exams by taking an innovative approach to medical education and offering qualified best-in-class faculty, an advanced Learning Management System, interactive quizzes, and one-on-one mentoring to meet their specific needs.

The platform has served 10,000+ students so far and was awarded a prestigious Presidential Award for Pakistan’s Best E-Learning Medical Education Platform.


Hassan Abbas

With a knack for telecommunication solutions, Hassan has 11 years of experience working in managerial roles at reputable companies such as Cisco and Huawei. Hassan is a FAST Graduate in Telecommunication Engineering and is passionate about finding innovative ways to bring reforms to Pakistan’s economy, health, and education. 

4. VisionRD

VisionRD is an Inspection AI that helps Automobile & Part manufacturing companies automate the manual quality inspection process using AI. Also, their dashboards provide detailed analytics related to quality issues of parts that help in data-driven decision-making to improve manufacturing processes.

In addition to being part of our Acceleration Program, VisionRD was recently selected by HEC as part of their Innovative Seed Fund Grant, winning a prize worth $35,000!



Ammad Nadeem

Ammad is a graduate of the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences and has a background in Automotive & Artificial Intelligence.

5. TAF

Most people take images with their phone camera, for later use. These include ID cards, receipts, doctor notes, and prescriptions that end up forgotten and lost in their phone galleries. Enter, TAF!

TAF lets you declutter your phone gallery images by allowing you to tag these important documents for later instant recall. The image management app is currently beta testing and hopes to grow tremendously through our Acceleration Program. 


Bilal Hussain

An MBA with corporate experience spanning over 12 years, Bilal has previously worked with an IT Multinational Corporation and is now working on TAF full-time!

Rabbia Bilal

Rabbia is an MBA with corporate experience of over 6 years. Previously a banker by profession, she is now the de facto COO of TAF, handling all operational elements.

6. Point One

Point One is a hospitality start-up in the north of Pakistan. Their product is the experience they provide which is to transform the tourism industry here by providing cabin-style living. 



Zainab Raja

A hospitality enthusiast with a deep passion for travelling! Having studied business, all of Zainab’s interests converged when she co-founded Point One. Zainab’s strength is that she truly believes in the significance of the tourism economy.

Muaz Sattar

Muaz is a highly driven professional who aims to contribute to unleashing the true potential of the tourism and hospitality sector in Pakistan. Being the Co-founder of Point One, he strives for constant innovation and improvement to ensure service delivery.

7. Sabzland Tech

Sabzland is looking to solve inefficiencies in the agricultural supply chain by connecting farmers with businesses (and eventually consumers). Thus, enabling farmers to sell fresh produce via a tech-enabled platform. Sabzland is implementing this by using a managed marketplace model where they guarantee the cheap price and good quality of produce by inspecting and screening it first.


Muhammad Talal Ejaz

Talal brings a wealth of knowledge to the field of supply chain management and commodities business. During the past 8 years, he has been helping improve operations and drive company growth as the managing director of Naz Group. Due to his previous role, Talal has a solid background in B2B supply chain management.

Before founding Sabzland Talal also worked with Web 3 and E-commerce start-ups. Through his different experiences, he is successfully driving value and growth at the company.

Talal Zaman Abbasi

Talal possesses a solid background in Software Development and Digital Marketing in Revenue Based Businesses. Not only is he an active team player, but he also possesses a skill set ranging from brand development to sales, making him the seasoned professional who has brought Sabzland to where it is!

Bilal Aurangzeb Khan 

Bilal is passionate about deploying cutting-edge technology to positively impact the Pakistani population. Subsequently, his strengths lie in identifying problems and creating solutions in the best way possible.

8. Print Me All

Print Me All is an automated, end-to-end, print and packaging procurement solution designed for the global market.


Taha Najeeb Ullah

Taha is a marketing graduate with more than a decade’s worth of experience in the print industry both locally and internationally. Starting as a chota in a printing press at the age of 14, Taha ended up as the sales manager within 5 years.

A longstanding association with the print industry and relevant experience in the digital marketing niche, have appropriately prepared Taha to digitize the local print industry and bring it up to international standards.

Omer Farooq

Omer is a Management graduate with a diligent and persistent work ethic. He was head of logistic operations at Makhdah Transport LLC. During this time, Omer single-handedly managed all documentation and operations and managed to grow and deploy a fleet of 90 reefer vehicles in 4 years. His experience has given him unique insights into the import/export market within Pakistan and the ME region. 

Umair Habib

A Fine Arts drop-out, Umair has worked in the print industry for the last 8 years. Together, Umair and Taha have sent a combined 40 million PKR worth of merchandise to the UAE and USA. Umair came on board with Print Me All in February 2022 as their COO.

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