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Welcoming Cohort 4 of the Women Leadership Fellows Program at Katalyst Labs!

Jehan | May 04 2023
Welcoming Cohort 4 of the Women Leadership Fellows Program at Katalyst Labs!

27 Women, 1 Fellowship, Endless Possibilities!

At Katalyst Labs, we are dedicated to promoting gender equality and female leadership. With three successful cohorts of the WLFP under our belt, we are eager to announce the newest group of accomplished women who are poised to take their careers to the next level.

We are excited to see what this cohort will achieve as they embark on their journey of growth and leadership.

Aiman Siddiqui

A highly motivated individual with a deep-seated desire to make a positive impact! Aiman has a background in computer science and a wealth of experience in software engineering and AI. Over the years, Aiman has had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects and has developed her skills in programming, problem-solving, and communication.

Aiman firmly believes that learning is a lifelong process, and is strongly committed to continually expanding her knowledge and skillset. She is thrilled about enhancing her leadership skills through the WLFP at Katalyst Labs!

Afrah Saleem

Afrah Saleem is a Computer Science graduate, currently working as a Content Marketer at vFairs. Her experience with creating content spans over 7 years, across multiple niches. When she’s not writing, Afrah enjoys trying new recipes, spending time in nature, and volunteering in tech communities. 

Ayesha Zulfiqar

A healthcare professional with a passion for making a positive impact on people’s lives, Ayesha believes that universal access to quality healthcare is a right for all. 

Ayesha is currently the Chief Medical Officer of Bioniks which is a social enterprise that provides advanced AI-powered brain-controlled prosthetic limbs. Ayesha’s role at Bioniks has enabled her to be at the forefront of biotechnology and AI-powered healthcare, providing her with the opportunity to work with talented engineers and healthcare professionals who share her passion for innovation.

Basmah Abdullah Zahid

A digital marketer, journalist, and blogger, boasting 7 years of experience, Basmah currently works as a content strategist and leads social media marketing at a creative marketing agency. Throughout her career, Basmah has worked as a news editor, social media executive, and digital media manager at several organizations.

Farah Akif

An entrepreneur, educationist, manager, and researcher, Dr Farah Akif holds a PhD in Electronics Engineering and has 12+ years of experience teaching in various STEM universities. Farah is the Founder & CEO of LumberWiz, a clean tech that aims to manufacture sustainable products from R-Plastics. 

Hafsa Saeed Alam

A persistent and resilient individual, Hafsa is a management consultant transforming SMEs and Startups by designing and implementing Business Processes and Accounting Systems to enable Sustainable Business Growth.

Hina Ibrahim

A passionate and innovative Digital Marketeer, Hina is armed with a global perspective across TV, media, and retail. With a decade of experience in branding marketing, campaign, and promotions management, Hina started The Social Berry in 2020.

Hina’s passion lies in creating out-of-the-box solutions to customer problems and bringing them to life through visual imagery and virtual storytelling. Hina brings an eye for design excellence combined with her analytical thinking to help raise brands to new heights. Ultimately, Hina wants to work towards building a community where we can all come together to learn and empower each other and hopes that the WLFP at Katalyst Labs can help her do just that!

Laraib Javeed Hussain

An enthusiastic individual, Laraib describes herself as a people enabler. Laraib works as a Community Builder at Startup Grind Karachi where she also hosts a podcast titled ‘Let’s Talk People’. 

Mahnoor Shoaib

Mahnoor is a CA finalist, currently working in the Internal Audit Department at K-Electric. She has a strong passion for cooking and the arts, balancing her hobbies with her professional career. 

Maryam Nasir

A Senior Software Engineer at Folio3, Maryam graduated as a gold medalist from NED University in 2019 with a degree in Computer Science & IT. Her areas of interest include Software Development, AI, Product Management, and Leadership. 

Musarat Amin

Dr Musarat Amin is an Associate Professor of National Security at Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Air War College Institute Faisal Base Karachi. She completed her PhD at Jilin University China and a post-doctoral research program at the London School of Economics. Dr Amin has extensive research and administrative experience and is a member of various academic councils. She has completed a fellowship on empowering women’s leadership sponsored by Beyond Borders and the Government of Scotland. Dr Amin has published extensively in national and international peer-reviewed journals and regularly contributes opinion articles to Express News Pakistan. She aims to empower women in Pakistan to further the country’s national interest.

Parisey Tariq 

Parisey is a Communications Expert and Public Relations Professional, forever fascinated with building brands and connecting with people. Her background in futures thinking and strategy development is the key element in driving brands towards success. She is currently a Marketing Communications Lead at Wateen, one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Pakistan. 

Parisey’s experience includes conceptualizing and creating communication strategies in the corporate and development sectors that focus on sustaining and improving brands. She has played an integral part in creating frameworks of prosperity and learning, to foster relationships between the champions of the digital ecology in Pakistan with the rest of the world, building synergies at all levels of policymaking.  

Radika Prem Chand

With a diverse set of experience in private equity investment, investment advisory, and impact investments, Radika is a finance and investment professional. Her work involves conducting market research, financial analysis and modelling, investment memorandum and pitch decks, due diligence, and stakeholder consultations. Radika has also worked with startups in Fintech and Healthcare to gain insights into the operational side of things.

Along with her professional pursuits, Radika finds fulfilment in volunteering and has worked with organizations such as Rotary International and The Citizens Foundation. Radika is always eager to learn new things and is currently exploring documentary filmmaking.

Rameen Shakeel

Rameen has a master’s degree in project management and has been working as a project manager in IT for three years. Her interests outside of work are just as varied, as she enjoys indulging in cooking, exploring the arts, traveling to new destinations, binge-watching the latest Netflix series, and trying out different types of cuisine. Rameen’s adventurous spirit and passion for trying new things keep her constantly engaged and on the lookout for exciting opportunities.

Reema Babar 

Reema Babar, a designer from Hunza, Pakistan, is a social thinker, leader, volunteer, and aspiring entrepreneur. Having been involved in community activities from a young age, Reema has a strong sense of voluntary service and leadership. She has participated in social work, co-curricular activities, and social welfare programs for most of her life. 

Reema’s passion is to establish a Sustainable Design Institution in Northern Pakistan. The academy will train local artisans and craftsmen, providing them with better opportunities to grow financially and mentally. The institution will also offer courses and training focused on Arts and Design to children and youth, utilizing the skills of local artisans to produce sustainable products in the market, helping small businesses to grow and sustain the community.

Rida Zahid 

Rida is a Senior Executive at 10Pearls and an entrepreneur running a home-based dessert shop called “Mousse Jar By R.” She has a passion for baking and traveling, having witnessed the natural beauty of Pakistan. She believes in living life to the fullest and hopes to become a life coach to help people achieve their dreams.

Rima Aziz

Rima Aziz is a woman of many talents. Not only does she run a successful business called Shaheen’s Kitchenette, but she has also been recognized for her hard work and dedication. This year, Rima was presented with the prestigious Madra e Millat Fatima Jinnah award from WWCAP, and she also received the Chef of the Year Award 2023 from Womenza Pakistan. 

Rizwana Liaqat 

Meet Rizwana Liaqat, a passionate individual who has dedicated her life to helping others. Rizwana is the head of Pakistan MentorCommunity, where she has organized 25 soft skills and learning skills sessions for youth. During the pandemic, she worked as an organizer with US alumni to raise awareness and promote safety, winning Best Coordinator. 

As a co-author of the book “Khatm-e-Rusul,” Rizwana received an award from Saf-e-Shikn and was recognized for her accomplishments by being selected for the HEROES AWARD by Connected Women Pakistan in 2022. Her life story was published by Heroes of Pakistan as a motivation for the youth, and she was also honored with a Talent Hunt Award from Pakistan National Youth. 

Saba Pervez 

Saba describes herself as confident and meticulous. She has a passion for innovative solutions and fostering a positive work culture at Folio 3 where she currently works as a software engineer. Along with her professional work, she engages in community-based activities. Saba finds balance and creativity in her free time through gardening, cooking, and singing.

Saima Kamran Yousafi 

Saima is currently the Chief of HR & Operations at Century Properties while also serving as the COO of MMN Films. With diversified experience in various fields, Saima is passionate about creating and executing innovative ideas.

Saima prioritizes performance management, recognizing that it’s crucial for achieving corporate objectives. Saima’s expertise lies in articulating and monitoring goals until they are successfully completed. In her free time, she enjoys reading and expanding her knowledge in different areas.

Sara Amjad

Sara Amjad, an ACCA professional, is passionate about revolutionizing the supply chain through cost-effective and high-speed logistics. As a valued member of Agventure, she has helped the company reach new heights in record time. With her communication and branding skills, Sara is an expert in creating brand awareness strategies to engage potential customers. Her proficiency in using cutting-edge technology for precision agriculture and executing strategic plans makes her an effective manager and leader.

Beyond her professional achievements, Sara is also a leader of the Young Girls Jirga in Swat Valley. She is working to empower marginalized women and girls in the tribal areas of Pakistan. Sara hopes to hone her skills through the Women Leadership Fellows Program at Katalyst Labs to further empower communities.

Sehrish Munawer 

With a background in software engineering and experience in remote work and startups, Sehrish is a driven and committed professional. After taking a 5-year break from her career, she took the opportunity to train in ASP.NET. Sehrish currently works at Excellence Delivered while also working on her own startup. 

Shilpa Kukreja 

Shilpa is an entrepreneur who has been running her startup for 2 years, which empowers underprivileged women through economic inclusion. Her expertise in digital marketing has proven valuable in promoting her business and connecting with the target audience. Shilpa has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by women from disadvantaged backgrounds and has developed solutions to help them overcome these obstacles. 

Sumbul Iqbal 

Sumbul is a dynamic marketing professional who combines her expertise in pharmaceuticals with a passion for advocating for inclusivity. With a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Ziauddin University, she has a strong background in the healthcare industry.

Sumbul’s drive to make a positive impact led her to address the unmet needs of families with differently-abled children, who often struggle to find and access affordable and effective therapies. Sumbul is committed to developing innovative solutions to improve the lives of these families.

Sundus Zahid 

A true techie at heart with a passion for the telecom industry! Sundus Zahid has gained extensive experience working with technology leaders. Her love for technical sales has driven her to take on new challenges. This includes joining a BPO in 2022 to expand her exposure. Now, in a transitional phase, Sundus is taking the time to figure out her next steps, using her experience as a fellow at Katalyst Labs to pave the way for a successful future.

Uzma Lakdawalla 

With over 20 years of experience in credit modelling, credit risk management, and governance management, Uzma Lakdawalla is a banker turned entrepreneur who has a strong background in financing and evaluating business credit. In addition to her expertise in the financial industry, Uzma is also a mental health and fintech enthusiast who has completed training as an NLP Master Trainer from the American Board of NLP. Her ultimate goal is to provide innovative and transparent business solutions that simplify operations for her clients.

Yumna Majeed

A space enthusiast and medical lab technologist, Yumna Majeed has been working towards creating space awareness among Pakistani students since 2016. She is the founder of Exploration, an organization that uses space education to bring the wonders of the cosmos to the classroom. Yumna has conducted over 80 sessions in different schools, reaching out to more than 9500 children and inspiring hundreds more through digital and television media.

Yumna’s efforts have been recognized with the Diana Award 2021 and Pride of Pakistan 2022. She was also selected as SDG #5, Gender Equality representative in the Space sector by the UNO of Outer Space Affairs in 2021. Despite these accolades, Yumna believes that her real achievement is the impact she has created among students.

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