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Katalyst Labs and HBL: A Truly Disruptive Partnership

Jehan | May 21 2022
Katalyst Labs and HBL: A Truly Disruptive Partnership

As part of their long-standing commitment to the startup ecosystem, tech, and entrepreneurship, HBL once again partnered with the Disrupt cause, tying their name with our goals for the entirety of +92Disrupt.

HBL is known to be Pakistan’s first commercial bank and has gone on to become the country’s biggest bank! With over 2100 ATMs and 1650 branches, HBL has cemented its presence as one of the most prominent names in the banking sector in Pakistan, spreading its operations globally.

Ever since 2016 – when the NEST I/O was in charge of conducting 021Disrupt – HBL has shown its commitment to overseeing the startup revolution in the country. Now, at Katalyst Labs, HBL continues to support our Acceleration Program and Women Leaders Fellowship Program.

This partnership also extended to +92Disrupt. Through Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi, HBL helped us bring together thought leaders and professionals across various industries on one platform, charting a roadmap to the future of tech, entrepreneurship, and the wider ecosystem in Pakistan!

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