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100 businesses to watch by UK Creative Industries Council

Saarey is building the digital ecosystem for Pakistani classical music. It is a music streaming service for Pakistani classical music that gives consumers unlimited ad-free access to exclusive human curated high quality and authentic content. At the moment, the music consists of live performances from the All Pakistan Music Conference. It is available worldwide on the web, iOS and Android. Saarey has been operational since December 2019 and has since then managed to achieve 45,000 downloads


Faraan has been in the classical music industry for 16 years, continuing a 62 year family legacy in the space. He is a Global MBA from Columbia Business School, London Business School and Hong Kong University.

Deven is a Vancouver based serial entrepreneur. He is the Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of British Columbia and is a Sloan Fellow of Leadership from London Business School.

Nick was the subscription manager at spotify and is an MBA from London Business School.

Faraan Irfan
Deven Dave
Nick Cooke