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Winner | Standard Chartered Women in Tech Shell Tameer Awards

Civixa helps computer vision based companies in gathering, structuring and labelling the dataset in 50% less manpower, time and money. They provide a data annotation service to facilitate AI based organizations and employ a hassle free approach through project consulting, project management and tech support. Civixa was also selected for Startup Chile, which made them  proficient in dealing with a multicultural environment. They have 1.2M+ images labelled with clientele in Chile, Argentina, UAE and the US.


Alveena is a computer science graduate from University of Karachi. She founded two startups prior to Civixa. She is associated with the Startup eco-system for more than 5 years now. She has been selected for various women-led incubators including Startup Chile Women Founders leading to Startup Chile Seed Programme, Women Startup Lab (silicon valley) and other accelerators like The Nest I/O, Anchor Taiwan, Startup-O and Nvidia.

Talha is a computer science graduate from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES- FAST). He is a computer science grad turned marketer. He is experienced in developing high-level marketing and brand strategies in line with the strategic vision of the organisation. Previously, he had a service-based company working on various tech-savvy products with organizations like the Department of education Abu-Dhabi, Aeropostale, First Abu-Dhabi Bank, Bank Al-Hilal and USAID.

Alveena Sohail
Talha Yasin