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Sowing the Seeds of Innovation in Agritech

Jehan | Jun 21 2022
Sowing the Seeds of Innovation in Agritech

As a testament to true sustainability, growth, and dedication to disruptive innovation, Syngenta Pakistan is partnering with +92Disrupt, aligning their vision with ours to bring to you a groundbreaking event spanning across three cities.

The Pakistani subdivision of Syngenta Participations AG, Switzerland, a leading innovator in agricultural production and the chief local distributor of crop protection products and seeds has teamed up with the Disrupt movement, as part of their commitment to creating impactful and cohesive partnerships focusing on sustainability within the agricultural ecosystem.

A partnership that further highlights their dedication to revolutionizing agritech in Pakistan, Syngenta focuses on addressing the needs of growers and farmers by contributing toward sustainable agricultural growth with a focus on greater food security.

The Naya Savera crop protection product distribution initiative has over 800 outlets across the country, with the sole responsibility of assisting growers and supporting farmers in making the right choices.

Additionally, Syngenta has always been an active supporter of Katalyst Labs. In March of 2022, Humaira Ahmed, Head of HR at Syngenta Pakistan, was one of the standout names on the panel at our first post-COVID, in-person, event Equity and Equality for Women in Workplaces – read all about it here!

Also, Syngenta’s Head of Digital Services and Business Development, Tabbish Mehmood, will take part in +92Disrupt as a panelist. He will feature in a groundbreaking panel discussion titled ‘Cracking the Farmer Code’, discussing the developments in agricultural practices, regulations, and the agritech revolution!

As part of their pledge to accelerate innovation within the industry and create impactful change, Syngenta Pakistan’s partnership with +92Disrupt creates an exciting new opportunity for sustainability and innovation within the agritech industry/agricultural sector.

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