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Investors Lounge

Investors Lounge is a stock market education & intelligence platform that generates powerful insights for retail investors and investment professionals. They empower users with powerful market monitoring and insight-gathering tools to help them generate profitable trading ideas and outstanding returns. After having successfully served 100+ financial institutions and high net-worth individuals, Investors Lounge is now opening up its services to train the next generation of Young Investors in Pakistan.


The team working to solve complex financial data problems is led by 3 co-founders: Baqar Jafri, the CEO, who has over 11 years of FinTech and Financial Media experience. Sennen Desouza, an IBA alumnus & Fulbright Scholar from the University of San Francisco, has 8 years of experience in projects ranging from Financial Markets Intelligence to CrowdFunding. And finally Hammad Ali Hashmi, the CTO, who has nearly a decade worth of expertise in financial programming projects.

Baqar Jafri
Sennen Desouza | Co-Founder & Director of Business Development
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