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MedAngle makes medical school simpler for future doctors. It provides an immersive digital experience for students to learn, practice, and review curriculum specifics they’ll encounter in medical school.

The assessment platform is made for future doctors by medical students and current doctors. Since the Summer of 2020, they have grown 25x in terms of onboarding medical schools. And if dental schools are included in the tally, their growth stands at 30x. There are 25,000 medical students on the platform and thousands of customers. Recently, they began working on launching internationally. MedAngle plans to start by launching in the UK & UAE and has already started the recruitment process in universities like Cambridge & Oxford.

Since graduating from Katalyst Labs’ Acceleration Program cohort 1, MedAngle has been awarded Best Education Startup Award (Gold) and the Merit Award for Best Startup in all of Pakistan at the P@SHA ICT Awards 2022.


Azib is a doctor from Dow University of Health Sciences. He is the founder and CEO of MedAngle. Since MedAngle’s launch in 2017, Azib and his team have worked tirelessly to ensure that medical students in Pakistan have a digital space that puts them at the center of their learning experiences.

Dr. Mohammed Azib | Founder, CEO & CTO
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