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MiniDukan makes Ecommerce accessible to the masses. This is a solution to help vendors sell online by quickly setting up an Ecommerce store for free. Their goal is to get sellers onboard and reach customers online through various social channels and not take any commissions on orders. Customers can use MiniDukan to sell any kind of product, from clothing to groceries to electronics.


Saad is a serial entrepreneur, who has scaled many successful startups. Based in the US, he was previously working in New Product Experimentation at Facebook. He is also an early stage investor with experience in fintech, crypto and e-commerce.

Adil has completed his degree in Computer Science from Namal College (University of Bradford). He is a programmer by profession and has built several scalable products throughout his career. His vast experience ranges from healthcare and legal tech to advertising and Ecommerce. He has previously been associated with Wukla.

Mufaddal graduated from University of Brighton as an Electrical Engineer. He is a serial entrepreneur and is currently running two successful businesses in the food industry. His experience ranges from healthtech to fintech and now to Ecommerce.

Saad Rizvi | Co-Founder
Adil Malik | Co-Founder
Mufaddal Durbar | Co-Founder
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