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Payit aims to revolutionize money management for MSMEs and enable businesses to receive and disburse payments via any banking channel.

Catering to a client base filled with educational institutions, among others, Payit allows students, parents, and, guardians to pay for school-related expenses using a debit/credit card of their bank through a secure platform. The platform is also easy to use and helps bring more people into the world of digital payments.


Muiz is an entrepreneur and fintech product leader who is passionate about digital money and financial inclusion for everyone. Upon surveying the state of online payments in Pakistan he decided to start Payit with a mission to simplify payments. He started on a whiteboard in 2019 and today Payit is the fastest-growing fintech, improving the digital ecosystem in the country with more than 1.5 million users. He is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of leading data, strategy development, implementation & execution, stakeholder management, digital payments & product design.

A computer science graduate with a passion for product design, implementation, and sales, having more than 7 years of experience with large-scale public & private, civil & military organizations as a systems analyst. For the past 4 years, he’s been working closely with franchise-based businesses, where he identified the gap between SMEs and financial institutions and co-founded in 2020.

Muiz Iqbal | Co-Founder & CEO
Waleed Malik | Co-Founder & Head of Sales & Expansion
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