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Print Me All

Print Me All is an automated, end-to-end, print and packaging procurement solution for the global market.


Taha is a marketing graduate with more than a decade’s worth of experience in the print industry both locally and internationally. Starting as a chota in a printing press at the age of 14, Taha ended up as the sales manager within 5 years. A longstanding association with the print industry and relevant experience in the digital marketing niche, have appropriately prepared Taha to digitize the local print industry and bring it up to international standards.

Omer is a Management graduate with a diligent and persistent work ethic. He was head of logistic operations at Makhdah Transport LLC. During this time, Omer single-handedly managed all documentation and operations and managed to grow and deploy a fleet of 90 reefer vehicles in 4 years. His experience has given him unique insights into the import/export market within Pakistan and the ME region.

A Fine Arts drop-out, Umair has worked in the print industry for the last 8 years. Together, Umair and Taha have sent a combined 40 million PKR worth of merchandise to the UAE and USA. Umair came on board with Print Me All in February 2022 as their COO.

Taha Najeeb Ullah | Founder & CEO
Omer Farooq | Co-Founder & Head of Finance and Logistics
Umair Habib | Founding Member & COO
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