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Scary Ammi

Scary Ammi initially started as an online community/blog and now has morphed into Pakistan’s first digital mothering community which serves to guide mothers, educate them, and make them more aware. In 2 years, Scaryammi has become a community of 150,000 mothers, done 400 events, completed 300 campaigns, and enrolled 700 women in its committees.


Ayesha is a graduate of the Columbia University School Of Journalism and holds a Master of Science in Journalism. She has been published in the Washington Times, Granta, Reader's Digest and others. She has held positions such as Senior Executive Producer at Express News and National Correspondent at Dunya News. She began Scaryammi as a reliable and comprehensive platform reporting news on motherhood and parenthood issues.

Ayesha Nasir | Founder and CEO
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