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Sukoon Care Limited

Sukoon looks to provide personalized cardiac rehabilitation (CR) in person, on-demand, and at home so that heart patients receive affordable and stress-free care. Following an acute event, patients can arrange regular appointments via text and then, over 6 visits, a Sukoon nurse, guided by their web app, delivers a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program.




Jeannine completed a BSc in Biological Sciences in 2020 from Imperial College London, after which she worked as a Business Development Manager at ATCO Laboratories Limited, a leading national pharmaceutical company. Her work involved finding new markets to expand ATCO's portfolio as well as managing partnerships with international stakeholders. Within Sukoon, Jeannine manages on-ground operations ranging from prototype testing to nurse recruitment.

Akhilesh completed a BSc in Biological Sciences from Imperial College London during which he learned bioinformatics. After that, he joined IQVIA, a health information technology and clinical research firm, as a Safety Associate working on the COVID-19 vaccine, diabetes and CVD. With his background in pharmacovigilance and bioinformatics, Akhilesh builds Sukoon's data-driven prototype with patient safety and compliance in mind.

Jeannine Coelho | Co-Founder
Akhilesh Sivaraman | Co-Founder
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