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The First Cohort For The Acceleration Program

Jehan | Oct 02 2021
The First Cohort For The Acceleration Program

Introducing our first cohort for the Acceleration Program:

The LUCKY 13! 


After rigorous shortlisting & finalising we are happy to introduce the startups in our first cohort for the Acceleration program: the lucky 13. This cohort is very diverse and has startups ranging from edtech, healthtech, fintech, cleantech & e-commerce. We are looking forward to working with these startups and ensuring that they reach new heights on their journey.

Find My Doctor (Find My Doctor) – Healthtech

Find My Doctor is a health tech company that provides primary healthcare services at home.
Founded by Saad Siddiqui in 2016, Find My Doctor is the utmost solution for people to acquire primary healthcare services at home, ranging from Covid tests to doctor visits to getting medicines delivered or lab samples collected right from your doorstep. It is a technology that is acting as a bridge between PMC verified doctors, trusted and leading laboratories, and patients.

Their services include:

  1. PMDC Verified Doctor visit at Home
  2. All kind of Lab Tests at Home
  3. X-ray service at Home
  4. Covid-19 Tests at Home
  5. Medicine Delivery service
  6. Sehat Card (Health Insurance)

The company has successfully managed to get more than 90,000 checkups and lab tests, over 70 partnerships, and collaborations with leading laboratories and companies of Pakistan. With over 60,000 satisfied customers, the company has successfully managed to expand its operations in 7 prominent cities of Pakistan and they continue to expand to more small localities through their wide range of services.
Consumers can essentially avail these services from the comfort or their homes by just downloading the Find my Doctor application or by dialing their helpline.

Meet the Founder:
Saad Siddiqui

Saad launched Find My Doctor after graduating from SZABIST in 2016. Saad started this venture after suffering a personal loss due to medical negligence and therefore, vowed to improve the medical services available within Pakistan. Saad has past corporate experience as a business developer and previously founded another startup by the name of  “BUZZ Pakistan”.

Saarey Music (Saarey Music) – Music streaming service

Saarey is building the digital ecosystem for Pakistani classical music. It is a music streaming service for Pakistani classical music that gives consumers unlimited ad-free access to exclusive human curated high quality and authentic content. At the moment, the music consists of live performances from the All Pakistan Music Conference. It is available worldwide on the web, iOS and Android. Saarey has been operational since December 2019 and has since then managed to achieve 45,000 downloads

Meet the Founder:

Faraan Irfan, Deven Dave, Nick Cooke

Faraan  has been in the classical music industry for 16 years, continuing a 62 year family legacy in the space. He is a Global MBA from Columbia Business School, London Business School and Hong Kong University.
Deven is a Vancouver based serial entrepreneur. He is the Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of British Columbia and is a Sloan Fellow of Leadership from London Business School.
Nick was the subscription manager at spotify and is an MBA from London Business School.

MedAngle (MedAngle) – EDtech

MedAngle makes medical school simpler for future doctors. MedAngle provides an immersive digital experience for students to learn, practice, and review the things they’ll encounter in medical school. It is an assessment platform made for future doctors by medical students and current doctors. Since Summer 2020 they have grown 25x in terms of medical schools and 30x if dental schools are included in the tally. There are 25,000 medical students on the platform and thousands of customers. Recently they have started working on launching internationally. They plan to start by introducing MedAngle in the UK & UAE and have already started the  recruitment process in universities like Cambridge & Oxford.

Meet the Founder:

Dr. Mohammed Azib

Azib is a doctor from Dow University of Health Sciences. He is the founder and CEO of MedAngle. Since MedAngle’s launch in 2017, Azib and his team have worked tirelessly to ensure that medical students in Pakistan have a digital space that puts them at the center of their learning experiences.

Hope Pharmacy (Hope Pharmacy) – Health tech + Ecommerce 

Hope is an online pharmacy providing authentic local/international medicines & healthcare products in rural and semi-urban areas of Pakistan. They are not only an online service but they have operational outlets in Hyderabad, Sindh. Since its inception in September 2020 Hope has received over 50,000 orders.

Meet the Founder:

Yusra Fahad, Ghulam Fahad

Yusra has completed her Bachelors in Architecture from MUET, Jamshoro and Masters in Interior Design from Florence Design Academy in Italy. Hailing from a small town in Sindh, she saw the deficiencies in the healthcare provisions which led her to creating Hope Pharmacy. She has also had an experience in running a multi-brand store in Hyderabad previously by the name of Collage and presently she runs her private architectural firm by the name of Design Deck.

Fahad completed his Bachelors in Telecommunication Engineering from MUET, Jamshoro. He worked for 5 years in Dubai, UAE, as a Managing Partner in a tourism company by the name of UniGlobe Tourism LLC. After moving back to Pakistan, he co-founded Hope as a strategic business idea during covid-outbreak after realising the poor delivery service in the medicine industry.

Aabshar (Aabshar) – Clean tech

Water scarcity is a global issue and water tanker prices in Pakistan are increasing exponentially. Aabshar have developed a retrofit optimizer that can be installed to all kinds of water taps within 30 seconds and saves 98% water, electricity upto 60%. They also guarantee payback for the investment within 16 weeks. Aabshar has managed to save 60 million litres of water and positively impacted 45,000 Pakistani lives.

Meet the Founder:

Ali Khursheed, Muhammad Hamza

Ali graduated in Electrical Engineering from the University of Management and Technology. He is skilled in hardware designing, IoT development and cloud operations. He won the UMT Innovative Idea competition and has published research paper to his name.

Hamza graduated in Electrical Engineering from the University of Management and Technology. He is the winner of the Six National Business Plan Competition where people from across Pakistan compete.

Scary Ammi (Scary Ammi) – Online media

Scary Ammi initially started as an online community/blog and now has morphed into Pakistan’s first digital mothering community which serves to guide mothers, educate them and make them more aware. In 2 years, Scaryammi has become a community of 150,000 mothers, done 400 events, completed 300 campaigns and enrolled 700 women in its committees.

Meet the Founder:

Ayesha Nasir

Ayesha is a graduate of the Columbia University School Of Journalism and holds a Master of Science in Journalism. She has been published in the Washington Times, Granta, Reader’s Digest and others. She has held positions such as Senior Executive Producer at Express News and National Correspondent at Dunya News. She began Scaryammi as a reliable and comprehensive platform reporting news on motherhood and parenthood issues.

Precision Bird (Precision Bird) – Agritech

Precision Bird is a Drone as a Service (DaaS) company revolutionizing the construction and agriculture industry with drone technology by offering precise, time and cost saving solutions. Precision Bird is driven by excellence, disrupting agri-tech while catering to geographical information systems, architecture and construction and other mapping applications using aerial imagery. Since their inception, Precision Bird has provided their services to a number of major public and private organizations and have executed over 30 medium to large projects for them.

Meet the Founder:

Shaheer Ahmed, Muhammad Yahya Sameen

Shaheer is an engineering graduate from Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology. He was also an incubatee at the Nest I/O. He is CEO & Co-founder at Precision Bird.

Yahya has recently completed his MBA from the Institute of Business Administration. He is a result-focused entrepreneur and marketing manager with a thorough understanding of social media, content creation and marketing, customer engagement and community building strategies.

Civixa (Civixa) – Computer vision + Artificial Intelligence 

Civixa helps computer vision based companies in gathering, structuring and labelling the dataset in 50% less manpower, time and money. They provide a data annotation service to facilitate AI based organizations and employ a hassle free approach through project consulting, project management and tech support. Civixa was also selected for Startup Chile, which made them  proficient in dealing with a multicultural environment. They have 1.2M+ images labelled with clientele in Chile, Argentina, UAE and the US.

Meet the Founder:

Alveena Sohail, Talha Yasin

Alveena is a computer science graduate from University of Karachi. She founded two startups prior to Civixa. She is associated with the Startup eco-system for more than 5 years now. She has been selected for various women-led incubators including Startup Chile Women Founders leading to Startup Chile Seed Programme, Women Startup Lab (silicon valley) and other accelerators like The Nest I/O, Anchor Taiwan, Startup-O and Nvidia.

Talha is a computer science graduate from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES- FAST). He is a computer science grad turned marketer. He is experienced in developing high-level marketing and brand strategies in line with the strategic vision of the organisation. Previously, he had a service-based company working on various tech-savvy products with organizations like the Department of education Abu-Dhabi, Aeropostale, First Abu-Dhabi Bank, Bank Al-Hilal and USAID.

Xpert Flow (Welcome to Xpertflow) – Healthtech

XpertFlow started its journey in July 2019, when it was selected in the National Incubation Center Islamabad. Xpert Flow is a technology company focused on revolutionizing the healthcare industry introducing its deep tech products like interactive dashboards with provisions to monitor patient vitals even in areas with little or no bandwidth facilities. Since then, XpertFlow has been making steady progress. It has been selected in various international accelerator programs like StartupX Hyperspark PreX Singapore, UNSW Health10x PreX Australia, Expara VirTech Accelerator Singapore, SIHUB Accelerator Vietnam. Recently it has become a part of one the top global accelerators, Startup Chile. XpertFlow has done trials with the 3 public sector hospitals in Pakistan to further validate the AI model for Sepsis prediction and has trained the AI model on 40,000 patients and 1.5 Million data points and has achieved high accuracy.

Meet the Founder:

Rashid Hameed, Sayyaf Haider, Shan Ul Haq


Rashid Hameed, graduated as an Electronics Engineer graduated in 2010 from NUST Islamabad and also holds an MS degree in Engineering Management from Riphah International University Islamabad. He is  a serial entrepreneur and XpertFlow is his second venture. His first venture was a services business where he successfully executed multiple 3G and 4G swap, new sites, acquisition and several other projects while working with PTCL, Zong, Huawei and ZTE from 2013 – 2017.

Sayyaf Haider graduated as an Electrical Engineer with an MS degree in Electrical Engineering from NUST in 2018. He worked as a Team Lead on Ignite (formerly, National ICT R&D Fund) funded project at NUST to develop innovative cyber security products. Sayyaf specializes in Network Security and has multiple publications to his name.

Shan Ul Haq is an Electrical Engineer with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from NUCES (FAST). Shan specialises in Embedded Systems Design, IOTs and AWS Cloud Deployments. He is also a serial entrepreneur and developed numerous IOT and automation products and XpertFlow is his second venture.


Victoria Road (Victoria Road) – Sustainable manufacturing + Ecommerce

Victoria Road offers small batch production and just-in-time inventory restocks using sustainable materials and ensuring worker protections for the fashion industry. They are redefining how clothes are made and building a supply chain of the future where sourcing garments becomes accessible, affordable, transparent and seamless. They are based in Pakistan in large part because it is one of the few countries in the world that has every part of the fashion supply chain. They  color, style, pattern and manufacture garments. There is a rich history of fabrics, fashion and a deep pool of experienced tailors.


Meet the Founder:

Shannon Grewer

Shannon uses the skills, experience and relationships that she acquired during her 20+ year legal career to help companies grow their businesses through capital raises, acquisitions and project deployment. As the CEO of Victoria Road, I am leading our team in building a sustainable textile manufacturing and sales platform in Pakistan that will transform the way clothes are designed, produced and sold globally. She is passionate about women’s entrepreneurship and using technology and digital connectivity to find innovative ways to provide expanded resources and services to people across the globe.

Social Hippos (Social Hippos) – SaaS

Social Hippos is an on-demand social media management and marketing company that allows customers to have a one stop solution for all their social media design and marketing needs. Social Hippos is for small businesses, agencies and digital marketers. They have a monthly subscription model so customers don’t have to go through rigorous interviews to hire a social media team and since it works on a monthly basis there are no barriers to entry.

Meet the Founder:

Irzam Bin Tariq

Irzam is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Professional Education. He has prior work experience in business development and has worked with organisations like Vodafone. He founded Social Hippos in February 2021.

Investors Lounge (Investors Lounge) – Fintech 

Investors Lounge is a stock market education & intelligence platform that generates powerful insights for retail investors and investment professionals. They empower users with powerful market monitoring and insight gathering tools to help them generate profitable trading ideas and outstanding returns. After having successfully served 100+ financial institutions and high net worth individuals, Investors Lounge is now opening up its services to train the next generation of Young Investors in Pakistan.

Meet the Founders:

The team working to solve complex financial data problems is led by 3 co-founders: Baqar Jafri, the CEO, who has over 11 years of FinTech and Financial Media experience.

Sennen Desouza, an IBA alumnus & Fulbright Scholar from the University of San Francisco, has 8 years of experience in projects ranging from Financial Markets Intelligence to CrowdFunding.

Hammad Ali Hashmi, the CTO, who has nearly a decade worth of expertise in financial programming projects.

MiniDukan (MiniDukan) – Ecommerce

MiniDukan makes E-commerce accessible to the masses. This is a solution to help vendors sell online by quickly setting up an e-commerce store for free. Their goal is to get sellers onboard and reach customers online through various social channels and do not take any commissions on orders. Customers can use MiniDukan to sell any kind of product, from clothing to groceries to electronics.

Meet the Founder:

Saad Rizvi

Saad is a serial entrepreneur, who has scaled many successful startups. Based in the US, he was previously working in the New Product Experimentation at Facebook. He is also an early stage investor with experience in fintech, crypto and e-commerce.

Adil Malik

Adil has completed his degree in Computer Science from Namal College (University of Bradford). He is a programmer by profession and has built several scalable products throughout his career. His vast experience ranges from  healthcare, legal tech, advertising and e-commerce. He has previously been associated with Wukla.

Mufaddal Durbar

Mufaddal graduated from University of Brighton as an Electrical Engineer. He is a serial entrepreneur and is currently running two successful businesses in the food industry. His experience ranges from healthtech, fintech and now to e-commerce.