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Innovation Takes Flight: Successful Pakistani Startups Backed by Local VC Firms

Jehan | Nov 10 2023
Innovation Takes Flight: Successful Pakistani Startups Backed by Local VC Firms

Pakistan’s economic instability doesn’t seem to slow down innovation and entrepreneurship in the country. Pakistani startups continue to enter traditional industries with an intent to innovate and disrupt!

Recent years have seen the country witness several promising startups addressing real-world challenges in a rapidly changing society. Such endeavors have found their financial backing from local venture capital funds, which have remained committed to supporting homegrown startups.

We made a list of the most successful Pakistani startups and the VC firms that have supported them!


successful Pakistani startup

Zyp is on a mission to lead Pakistan’s transition into the zero-carbon era. They initiated their electric mobility movement with the launch of their electric motorbikes and battery swapping stations. Zyp’s electric bikes are manufactured with special consideration for Pakistan’s extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, the bikes’ A+ grade cells are designed to support an under-one-minute battery exchange! The bikes also come with internet connectivity and built-in GPS for additional safety. All of these features, alongside a map locating nearby service stations, are available on their app. 

Zyp Technologies was founded by Hasan Arshad Nasir, Hassan Khan, Imran Afzal Mughal, and Laiq Chugtai. Their USD 1.2 million seed round was led this September by Indus Valley Capital, one of Pakistan’s largest and most transformative VC funds!


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Self-described as a healthcare Super App, Marham is a Pakistani startup focused on HealthTech. It was founded by Asma Salman Omer, Ehsan Imam, and Farwa Ali. It aims to increase healthcare accessibility for the 70% of Pakistani patients that are unable to connect to doctors when needed. Marham’s vision goes beyond just connecting patients to doctors; it aims to build a community of patients to ensure a patient-centric experience in all areas of healthcare. Patients can use their app to search for nearby specialists and book online consultations with certified professionals. Additionally, Patients can also avail testing services and medicine delivery! 

Marham has been recognized and awarded by Facebook and has over a million subscribers on their youtube channel.  It also won Asia’s Favorite Startup by Google. Its $USD 1 million seed round was funded by Indus Valley Capital and angel investor Weihan Liew. Aatif Awan of IVC, alongside Liew, serves on Marham’s advisory board as well. 


Paismo boasts a global team with localized solutions aiming to tackle outdated Human Resources software for an increasingly technological Pakistan. Founded by Rebecka Zavaleta and Usama Mahmud, Paismo’s initiatives in Pakistan are focused on payroll efficiency and greater accessibility of payslips for employees. Their product offering aims to be the most convenient and the most customisable product that cuts setup time by months to days. Paismo is Pakistan’s first modern HR tech provider! Furthermore, they have big plans to expand into other South Asian markets and the MENA region. 

Their USD 1.3 million seed round was announced in August of this year, led by Indus Valley Capital. It also saw participation from Singapore’s Antler, and New York’s Jedar Capital. 


Pakistani Startups

Founded by Mahlaqa Shaukat and Noor Shaukat, AimFit is a Pakistani startup aiming to revolutionize fitness in the country. The company has curated a following of over 50,000 people. Additionally, the startup offers a variety of fitness options, both in studio and online, with live coaching and real-time feedback. AimFit goes above and beyond other apps by taking a holistic approach to fitness. Not only do they help create individual workout plans, but also ensure nutritional education and provide weekly check-ins with nutrition coaches. 

Aimfit was primarily funded by Indus Valley Capital, alongside Atoms, and a few other angel investors. Moreover, it’s one of those truly homegrown initiatives that is changing lives in the country. 


Maqsad is a Pakistani startup founded by Rooshan Aziz and Taha Ahmed. It’s an EdTech with an ambitious goal of making education more accessible for over 100 million students in Pakistan. Maqsad’s platform provides in-app video lectures to students with engaging and easy-to-follow content. Their programs are also tailored according to different educational boards’ requirements! The platform also houses in-depth video solutions to academic past papers. 

Forbes, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, and Menabytes have all featured Maqsad for their work in Pakistani education. As a startup, the platform was funded by Indus Valley Capital, Fatima Gobi Ventures, Alter Global, and SpeedInvest! 

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