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UNBOX Your Potential with P&G!

Jehan | Jan 11 2023
UNBOX Your Potential with P&G!

If your business can help P&G find solutions to one or more of the four problem statements, UNBOX will act as your road to growth, helping you create a high-profile network and putting your business on the map!

Problem Statements

The four problems P&G is looking for solutions to are:


P&G is looking to rethink its retailer loyalty program. The goal? Finding solutions to digitize the process of tracking the program using its app. For more details, click here.

Transport Efficiency

P&G caters to 18 distributor locations when shipping its products through its dedicated fleet. This is a massive undertaking; the carbon and operational costs need to be optimized. Click here for more details on where you come in.

Analytics and Insights

Leveraging first-party consumer personal data is key to developing a modern and relevant digital marketing strategy. The objective is not to develop a Data Management Platform. Instead, it is to develop business models/partnerships/ideas for more consumer data acquisition.

For more details, click here.


P&G has always relied on large-scale BTL activations to accelerate testing and trialing new products. However, as the market landscape has evolved, we have seen digital penetration (with mobile phones particularly) grow exponentially, leading to an opportunity to drive trial and education from a digital platform. Hence, P&G is looking for more ways to use digital tools to drive these trials. For more details, click here.

Your Journey with P&G x Katalyst Labs: UNBOX

The program will put you through a comprehensive preparatory period, preparing you to pitch!

  1. You tell us the solution you will offer
  2. The Katalyst Labs and P&G teams will work with you to refine your solution
  3. Over the course of the program, your pitch will be refined
  4. Then, you present to an expert panel
  5. P&G will then shortlist 2-3 pitches per problem statement
  6. From the shortlisted ones, we will enlist the help of the most efficient and workable solutions

What you will Gain From this Program

Once shortlisted, even if your solution is not selected, you will benefit from working with the P&G leadership teams. Alongside the unparalleled network you will create, you will also get to work with the team at Katalyst Labs to fine-tune your business’s offerings, pitch, and outlook!

If selected, you will get P&G as a paid client to boast!

Apply Now! The last date to apply is 15th January 2023!