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Who’s Facilitating the Disruption?

Jehan | May 31 2022
Who’s Facilitating the Disruption?

One major aspect of going national is that we accomplish our goals off the back of the unwavering support provided by our excellent facilitation partners!

+92Disrupt started in June 2022 in Lahore, making its way to Islamabad in August, and back to Karachi in October of the same year.

And since it was our first time disrupting Lahore and Islamabad, we were on the hunt for that home-away-from-home feel! Our calls were answered by COLABS and Daftarkhwan – two of the most prominent coworking spaces in Pakistan!

Additionally, since tickets to +92Disrupt were in great demand, we also enlisted the help of one of the finest ticketing partners in the country, Ticketwala!

Read about our platinum sponsor here, and for more information on our facilitation partners, keep reading:


Daftarkhwan Building

Speaking of the stiff competition in the co-working space, Daftarkhwan is another massive name in contention; hence, they provided a stage to +92Disrupt: ISL Edition in August.

Daftarkhwan spans 5 prime locations, and 3 cities, becoming home to over 200 organizations throughout the country, including i2i, Tintash, Uber, and Trella. In addition to its notable foothold in the industry, they aim to deliver a flexible work environment that can adjust to the ever-changing demands of modern times.

With Daftarkhwan as our partner, we successfully disrupted Islamabad in August of 2022! For a look at the multiple spaces they have, click here!

Ticket Wala

Ticket Wala is not just a “ticket wala”, they are the go-to platform for all things events in Pakistan. With its vast network and reach, you can find TW partnered with any event worth talking about, distributing tickets through a well-thought-out, easy-to-use, streamlined e-process.

As a facilitation partner of utmost importance, Ticketwala was responsible for helping our attendees partake in the disruption for Lahore on the 25th and 26th of June, Islamabad in August, and Karachi in October.


With the aim to “redefine the future of work in Pakistan”, COLABS helped us redefine what it means to disrupt the tech, entrepreneurship, and startup ecosystem on a national level!

The competition in the co-working space is vast, but COLABS has truly set itself apart from the rest. It boasts a network of over 100 ecosystem partners, including names like Microsoft, Uber, and LUMS, alongside an equal number of companies occupying seats across all three of their locations, including Coca-Cola, USAID, and SadaPay.

As our partner for +92Disrupt: LHR Edition, COLABS provided us with their impeccable physical location. Furthermore, COO, Fatima Mazhar, and CEO, Omar Shah, shared their insights at the event on the 25th and 26th of June, 2022!