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Zayn VC: Leading Innovation in Pakistan’s Startup Ecosystem

Jehan | Nov 08 2023
Zayn VC: Leading Innovation in Pakistan’s Startup Ecosystem


At the apex of Pakistan’s evolving startup landscape, Zayn VC stands tall as a trailblazing early-stage venture capital fund with a profound mission! Well established as one of Pakistan’s first native venture capital firms, Zayn VC has continued to drive innovation and transformation for many emerging startups in Pakistan.

A Pioneer in Pakistani Venture Capital 

One of Zayn VC’s most notable achievements has been being a key player in raising funding for its portfolio companies. They have contributed significantly to the growth and development of Pakistan’s startup ecosystem.

Strategic Investments and Partnerships

Zayn VCis known for its strategic investments and partnerships, which have played a crucial role in building transformative companies and driving economic growth in Pakistan’s startup ecosystem. 

Their investments with Bazaar, Snapp Retail, Zaraye, and Post Ex are only some of their most successful ventures yet. 

Mentorship and Support

Zayn VC has been a long-time champion of the startup realm, offering mentorship and support to emerging entrepreneurs and startups. Their commitment to initiatives like +92 Disrupt and Karachi Slush’D in August demonstrates their dedication to fostering innovation in the region.

Portfolio Companies

Zayn VC’s portfolio includes a diverse range of companies, each contributing to the growth and innovation of Pakistan’s startup ecosystem. They have ensured investments over a range of fintech, B2B, B2C, Logistics, and Coworking Startups designed to further economic activity in Pakistan. 

Startups that have benefitted from Zayn VC’s support include Colabs, Truckitin, Krave Mart, NayaPay, Adalfi, Ktrade, and Laam.

A Long Time Champion of the Startup Realm

Zayn VC has supported almost every major endeavor in the ecosystem. Their efforts have been visible since last year’s +92 Disrupt to this year’s Karachi Slush’D in August. They have continued to champion the entrepreneurial spirit in Pakistan by supporting new ventures.

Zayn VC’s impact on the country’s startup ecosystem landscape promises a bright future for venture capital in the nation. We’re extremely excited to announce that they are committed to supporting us again at this year’s +92 Disrupt. Their inclusion has ensured that the conference achieves new heights!

Furthermore, Co-Founder and General Partner, Faisal Aftab, will also be at the conference. Mr. Aftab is set to participate in a dual dialogue regarding promoting global investment in Pakistan. He will also discuss Zayn Capital’s recent investments and portfolio choices at this year’s +92Disrupt!


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You can find Zayn VC holding office hours at this year’s conference! It’s here that you can learn more from the team behind the major successes of the startup ecosystem, such as Bazaar, Atoms, and more.

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