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Zindigi: At the Forefront of Innovation Yet Again!

Jehan | Aug 24 2023
Zindigi: At the Forefront of Innovation Yet Again!

As a digital bank, Zindigi is out to ease the lives of millions of people. And as a supporter of the tech and startup ecosystem, Zindigi has stood alongside the country and its youth, repeatedly!

Banking for the Uninitiated

Digital banking isn’t new to Pakistan. However, making banking more understandable and accessible for the gen-z and millennials is a task many have tried and failed with.

Zindigi isn’t one of the many! They understood that the youth of the country need more control over their financial future, which includes understanding how to invest, save, and move money.

The Zindigi Solution

Apart from having an appealing and user-friendly UX experience on their app, Zindigi solves XYZ key problems for young bank-users:

1. Sending Money

Banking applications often offer clunky and hollow money-transfer experiences, this includes limited ways to transfer money and a lack of assurances and safety.

Zindigi offers 3 ways to send money:

  • Zindigi Transfer: This allows people with Zindigi accounts to send money to other people with Zindigi accounts. Get this: There’s no service charges!
  • Bank Transfer: Send money from one bank account to another. Get this: still no service charges!
  • CNIC Transfer: Send money to anyone with a valid CNIC. Get this: Yup, still no service charges!

2. Investing

Zindigi’s will manage your investment portfolio while you relax! Not everyone knows how mutual funds work. The Zindigi team know, and they’ll do it for you!

Zindigi offers 3 different types of mutual funds:

  • JS Income Fund
  • JS Islamic Income Fund
  • JS Cash Fund

3. Bill Payments & Subscriptions

Again, this service isn’t new with Zindigi. But, what sets them apart is the easy-to-use flow and user experience when dealing with:

  • Bills and fees
  • Government fees
  • Top-ups
  • Investments
  • Insurance payments
  • Education payments
  • Corporate payments

And that’s not all, since the economy is currently crippled and every rupee counts, Zindigi offers cashback and rewards on basic payments and subscriptions, including paying for your Netflix, topping up your mobile service, shopping on Daraz, and paying utility bills!

Zindigi will be at Karachi Slush’D

Where there is an event supporting the startup ecosystem, Zindigi is one of the first names you’ll see, and Karachi Slush’D is no different! Zindigi is the Platinum sponsor of the event!

As an avid ally of startups in Pakistan, they always bring a level of exuberance and fervor to every event they back. As a result, they will be playing a massive role in the exclusive Scavenger Hunt on th event grounds!

You can also find Zindigi at the Exhibition Space at Slush’D where their team will be actively participating in proceedings!


Sign up for your Zindigi card today by clicking here (P.S. If you invite a friend, you can earn hefty cash rewards!). Buy your tickets to Karachi Slush’D by clicking here!